Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Guest Post: Life can be...

Life can be funny
Sometimes cruel,
I was a dreamer while incarcerated at school
Didn't follow any golden rule
Today I desire to be vulnerable.

Can't say I've exactly been around the world
Dug myself a hole, dark & cold.
Should you inquire "did you find your gold?"
'S here in my heart when I break down my wall,
Life can be hard, be a ball or mundane.

It's what I make it,
Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
Not even going to try to explain.
My pain and the strains of journeying on in years
N' all my baggage so overflowing with fears.

Today's a new one, so I'll be the best I can be
There are plenty of changes to make being me.
Gotta take it easy to a degree
The other side of the coin is
Approach the situation more aggressively.

No spring chicken, still got heaps to get done
Nose to the grindstone still can be fun.
Gratitude is good attitude
I've heard time and time again
Into every life comes a bit of rain.

Climbed a few mountains,
Some mole hills too,
Find there's always new horizons to pursue.
Peaks and passes, need a new pair of glasses
Enjoying the journeying is from where gratitude springs.

I imagine myself in my place in the sun
No place to go, except where I am.
Excited by the achievement in writing it down
The closeness and enjoyment
Tears of a clown.

Life can be funny...


Guest post written by David
Service user of the Psycho-Educational Group I co-facilitate on behalf of NAPAC 
Published with permission by Mrs Teacup

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