Sunday, 13 July 2014

Coercive Control - "Letter of Apology" from an Abuser & Psychopath - Domestic Abuse


Hello Angel

I cant even begin to imagine how disappointed you must be with my selfish behaviour and unreasonable acts. I am dead ashamed of myself. I couldn't believe my selfish and unreasonable acts and all I said last night. I lay in bed and asked myself "what was that I just did". There was no answer other than me being a selfish fool and a greedy idiot.

I am deeply sorry about my behaviour, my everything last night. I wasn't thinking straight. I realize I was being unkind and unreasonable to the one person who has done so much for me and my life, not just financially, but who has also turned my life around to be a better man. Am so disheartened about my acts and I just want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me.

I have transferred an extra £50.00 into your account and kindly, please, do not transfer it back to me. You deserve every penny of mine. Please, I am so so sorry.

Its a bad bit of me that behaves so unreasonably when it comes to money matters; I know I need help with that and mostly with my anger management. Kindly forgive me and help me to manage my anger and seek help for this dirty behaviour. Am so ashamed of myself.

Angel please forgive me.

I love you and am sorry for not treating you as the Angel you are.


Because I wanted the house to be at peace, I forgave him once again!

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